Continuing the Progressive Political Revolution.

We are on the cusp of a very big moment in history, a turning point, the significance of which cannot be overstated, and how we respond to this moment, whether we give up fighting this political revolution or whether we stand up together and press on, will have repercussions felt for decades to come. When we fought tooth and nail for Bernie Sanders, we knew our passion for a better, more just society had be ignited, we knew we had a calling, and we knew fighting for our neighbors and communities was worth it. Now, we must keep that fire alive in each of us as we remember how we got here and why we must continue. 

In March 2016, I wrote a petition asking for a united Progressive Independent Party and there was so much enthusiasm, we went ahead and launched it. Initially, it was only a "Plan B" if Bernie Sanders did not secure the DNC nomination, but we built it as if it was "Plan A" because we had a lot of work to do and we knew it could potentially be important that we do it right. And now, today, facing the same questions of how to defeat corporate interests, replace the Oligarchy with Democracy, and lift up ALL people, not just a chosen few, we are glad to offer one possible solution to our ongoing political crisis.

We all know “in our bones” it’s time to take our government back, it’s time to finally have a vibrant, exciting, VIABLE third party in this country, a place where many of us who feel disenfranchised; Progressives, Greens, Democratic Socialists, Independents, and frustrated Democrats and Republicans alike, can feel empowered in the promise of democracy in our county. There is a sense in the air, if we miss this opportunity to unite together in our common cause, it could be decades before the enthusiasm for another movement, like the one which we saw fill stadiums and rallies, rises up again.

As Bernie Sanders’ supporters, contributors, and volunteers, we all know exactly what’s at stake if we fail this opportunity, for our country and for our planet, which is why we should put pride and splintered progressive politics aside and do our best to unite

What we are proposing we build together is something which has never been done before in US history; build a long-term, truly viable coalition-based third party. We believe we can do it; with the same enthusiasm and love we have for Bernie Sanders, we believe we can inspire unity with a shared mission to continue the fight and keep the progressive fire alive for many generations to come.

Great achievements do not come easy nor without sacrifice, for if we truly want to make history and change the political landscape in this country we must unite, we must keep up the good fight, and we should do so as if a better tomorrow relied upon it.

Please join us.

Thank you,

Araquel Bloss
Founder, Progressive Independent Party

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