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Petition For The Replacement of Jeff Weaver And The Reinstatement of Staff

Dear Bernie,

We are petitioning you today in solidarity with the staff who resigned in protest of Jeff Weaver being placed as the head of your new organization, Our Revolution.

The undersigned hereby show a "vote of no confidence" in Jeff Weaver to lead Our Revolution and we respectfully, but strongly, request his quick replacement and the reinstatement of the committed staff who left your organization for the values of our movement over big moneyed donors. We feel it is imperative that any group affiliated with Our Revolution remains true to the  guiding principles you set forth in the Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign of rejecting donations from billionaires and corporations.

We, the people of your campaign, the everyday people who became your trusted small donors, volunteers, and primary supporters, hereby vote "no confidence" in Jeff Weaver to run Our Revolution for the following reasons:

1)     We oppose Jeff Weaver's plan to secretly raise money from the billionaire class by using a separate, sister organization.

2)     Our grassroots movement refuses to support efforts by Jeff Weaver to solicit donations and affiliations from big moneyed donors as we support people-powered politics; of the people, by the people and for the people.

3)     We believe Jeff Weaver is a threat to our movement, not only for his fundraising scheme, but also because he will support establishment candidates.

4)     We do not support Jeff Weaver's stance to enrich established consulting firms to create ads, rather than actual grassroots organizing and movement building.

5)     Jeff Weaver doesn't promote diversity and inclusion on the board or within staffing.

We believe in you, Bernie. We stood by you and financed your campaign with millions of small donations and we believed you would align your organization, Our Revolution, to the standards you outlined in your own campaign.

We humbly ask you to replace Jeff Weaver with a leader who understands the importance of grassroots organizing, movement building, and the removal of the billionaire-class from politics. We humbly request you reinstate the staff who stood up for the people by resigning in protest of Jeff Weavers.  Because, ultimately, Bernie, this is OUR Revolution too.


Members of The Revolution


Endorsed By:

Progressive Independent Party

Real Progressives

Progressive Party of Washington State

United Progressive Coalition

Cabin Talk

5,000 signatures

Will you sign?


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